Five Steps To

Divine Decision Making

This five-step guide is for you if you want to:


Know what questions to start with so you can truly ask God for direction in your life (without the, “uuuuuuhs” and shoulder shrugs).


Master the discipline of listening to God’s response, so that you hear what He is trying to convey to you (and not feel like you only get crickets!)


Understand the scripture laid out for you in the decision-making process so you can transform your life through truth.


Practice prayers you can leverage in your life today and begin making an immediate impact to those around you.


Gain confidence in taking action when you receive discernment, so you can stride with swagger instead of striving in doubt.

The quickest way to gain clarity in decision-making when you don’t hear God.

Do you struggle with decision-making and understanding what God is calling you to do? (Girl, Lord knows I do!) Grab this guide to get five steps to follow to find the right path. Stop feeling like your request for clarity is getting crickets in response.
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I use these five steps to connect with His plan when I know I am coming to a crossroad, and I don’t know what the heck to do. (Ever been there?) I want to ensure I follow the right path. ESPECIALLY when I just can’t waste time spinning around in circles on the worry-go-round (ugh)!

This is perfect for the woman who wants to feel like they’ve got life on lock and God’s guidance on speed dial! Set your struggles aside, sis, and get ready to feel confident in asking the right questions to uncover your next move.

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I’m the founder and coach behind Women, Worship and Work, a wonderful crossroads where self-help meets God’s truth. Our goal is to help women find confidence, clarity, and purpose in life! We are committed to bringing REAL WOMEN, the REAL WORD in a REAL [digestible] WAY. We meet you, right where you are at in your season of life today. Together we are changing women’s lives, one woman at a time.

Feel empowered to bring your requests to God, the one who can light your heart and path on fire — truly knowing you have leaned on wisdom and that you are moving in the direction you are called for! 

When you do that, you will understand with complete confidence that you are living out your season just as you are supposed to.

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