Matters of Fact: Confidence

You are a Warrior.

100% full blown, knocking out giants with stones, Marine Sempre Fi, SWAT action, Louboutin wearing, battle style warrior. One diaper change, audio book, mom blog, boob-squeezing machine, massive blowout, soccer practice, kick-@$$ meeting at a time. (And if you truly own Louboutin’s, praise to you sister! I had to Google how to spell the dang word!)

You are a warrior. Do not forget it. Hear me loud and clear. 

This stuff is hard. By stuff, I mean life. By hard, I mean crippling.

Whether we are walking down the street with a Starbucks in our hand, starting a business, pushing a baby stroller, joining a zoom call two minutes late, missing a plan for the month, or taking care of a child or parent in need, we MUST be doing that with a swagger that only comes from God.

Are you doing whatever you are doing with a level of unmatched confidence to those around you? Do you have that cliché “pep in your step?”

For real, I am asking – not as a fake cover up or acting as if we have it all together, while slowly spiraling away. Or the opposite, self-deprecating to a fault, so bad you would slap someone if they spoke those same words you say about yourself regarding your baby girl. Are you faking that you have it together or shouting your faults so loudly the world hears you?

Neither option is acceptable.

My Hard

For me, the beginning of my new, hard season was walking into parenting and working in the corporate world at a new level of leadership I had not experienced. I thought I knew this world and would thrive in it. The problem was, my assessment of other women in this season were women in stilettos on big screens, or watching my male leaders with stay-at-home wives running carpools, it was never clearly articulated to me, that behind the scenes of pencil skirts and bedtime stories, was actually more kin to the Tasmanian devil spinning out of control. Indisputably, I was going down, the question was, how many people I loved would I throw into the revolving corkscrew with me.

For others, the unexpected hard could be a life change, such as a death in the family, a divorce, or settling with the fact that you are the one in your group who may never birth children.

The circumstances are different, but life and difficult seasons are hard. If I were choosing words in the dictionary to define the word “hard,” they would include sleep deprivation, lack of confidence, missing identity, insanity, indescribable, and I would add in the phrase, life as a working momma.

Almost 10 years into this season, I feel a little silly that this was so reckoning for me. I now know the value of boundaries, and no longer compare my choices with others. However, I was not at all ready for that period. I felt blindsided and berated by the fact it was even an issue. And, I lacked the maturity of understanding it was actually only a season. What I had was an expectation of greatness and what turned out to be reality felt like failure for the very first time in my life. Entering a new journey is not for the faint of heart.

For those of you in the back, let me say it again.


Warriors prepare themselves for battle, they prep, practice, chant, conquer, and celebrate. I am here for all of it! I hope you are too!


to put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.


the bible shares there will come times of difficulty. To paraphrase, the verse lists words describing people as abusive, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, and the list goes on and on with exemplifying we will indeed have trouble. Instead of being blindsided, let’s prepare and heed focus to verses such as


stating, we do not need to conform to the pattern of the world, but that we can and should be transformed with the renewing of our mind.

I personally think the challenge is that in these seasons, is that we tend to look to the right and to the left of us. We place expectations and standards to the level we believe we see around us. Yet we do that without acknowledging what He says we are, which is wonderfully made [bible verse] for perhaps a perfect time as this [Esther 4:14].

So, warrior, my friend, know that you are amazingly rare, yet among very good company of those that have gone before you, are here with you and He who is in you.



You are enough. Period. Words matter. Respect yourself. People will disagree with your choices. True confidence comes from the true Creator. Warrior, you can do this.
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