a Village for Women

Ladies, Suited is a membership group designed to help women reach their full potential. We’ll combine Biblical truth with tried-and-true growth and leadership tips to grow into the very best version of yourself (at home, in your side hustle, and in your 9-to-5).

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar…


As a working woman, you’re worried you might focus too much on work and not enough on family.


You feel like, as a woman, you have to work extra hard for opportunities.


You don’t work outside the home and feel guilty you aren’t helping put money in the bank.


You don’t know how Biblical truth can help you grow and create a better work and home life.


You’re struggling. It’s hard to admit, but balancing everything going on in your life (the bad and the good) feels impossible.

If so, then you are in the same boat as so many women.

Introducing Suited

If you’re interested in combining Biblical truth with tried-and-true growth and leadership tips to grow into the very best version of yourself (both at home and at work) alongside other awesome women, this village is for you.

Suited is a membership group designed to help women reach their full potential in all areas of their life. When you work outside of the home, you still have to help get dinner on the table and plan birthday parties. When you stay at home, you still have to have difficult conversations and advocate for yourself. No matter where you find yourself, Suited is designed to help you grow.

Hi, I'm Stefani!

I help women grow to reach their full potential (in the workplace and in their home).

After over two decades of executing sales and leadership strategies, coaching leaders and teams, and ministering to women in all walks of life, I’ve noticed a trend: women struggle.

Seeing women struggle is what inspired me to build this group. Women in the C-suite, VPs, managers, stay-at-home moms. Their struggles might look different, but no one is immune.

I can’t wait to grow with you!

Have you ever heard an author say: “the book I needed wasn’t written… so I wrote it!”

This is the village I needed years ago. It didn’t exist for me, so we created it for YOU.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

Private Community

A village of women from all walks of life with similar challenges and goals. A safe place to ask questions and make friends.

Group Coaching

Monthly group coaching with a certified John Maxwell Coach, where I’ll walk you through Biblical truth and tried-and-true growth and leadership tips.

Guest Speakers

Learn from Experts (including a TEDx speaker!) about a variety of topics.


Digital resources to learn at your own pace.

Past Success

Stefani has always been a role model to me, as she owns who she is but also challenges herself, and everyone around her, to always grow and be the best you can be. She is an incredible communicator and gives honest feedback. She pushes you to see new perspectives, while also empowering self-confidence.

Marissa D’Agata

Sales Manager

Being part of WWW was like the weekly hug I didn’t know I needed! I always walked away feeling refreshed. Being surrounded by women of different perspectives and seasons of life empowered, validated, and challenged me. It far exceeded by expectations – get involved! You’ll be better for it!

Lindsey Kiehl

Sales Executive

Stefani’s events are Best In Class, in that you get so much more than what you expect. You will laugh, you may cry, and you will definitely walk away feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world. Stefani creates and encourages an environment where self-hate and self-doubt are not tolerated. This ultimately invites creativity, confidence and reassurance to take up residence in the room and in your heart.

Natashia M.

Sales Manager


Guest Speakers

Trish Kendall

Personal and Team Development Coach, TEDx Speaker


Melissa Hughes

Social Media Expert and Coach

Tamra Andress

International Speaker, 6x # 1 Best Selling Author, Top 1% Podcaster & Marketplace Minister

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take on my calendar?

Right now, we are planning 2-4 1-hour Zoom calls per month.

What types of calls will we have?

Masterclasses (teaching on a topic like DISC or how to run effective meetings), Conversations (live group coaching and Q&A), Expert Guest Speakers, Motivation and Prayer, and “Suited Seminary” (Biblical teaching)

What benefits do founders get?

In addition to having the opportunity to shape the future of the Suited community, you’ll get the discounted Founders rate for as long as you remain active in the membership! (This rate will go up in the future)

How long do I have to commit for?

We are asking our Founders to hang out with us for at least one year. Rarely will I have a conversation and not use the term “progress over perfection.” As founders, we are just getting started together, and that’s why we need to stick together as we learn what helps YOU the most. We believe this will allow us to provide the best experience, transformation, and value possible.

When are the calls?

We are currently primarily planning Wednesday for calls, with some Fridays and Mondays sprinkled in. We are going to do our best to cater to everyone’s schedule as much as we reasonably can AND calls will be recorded!